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M*A*S*H now airing on the Hallmark Channel
posted Wed, 3-Sep-2003
M*A*S*H is now airing seveal times a day, Mon-Fri on the Hallmark Channel. Click here to view the schedule at

Third season of THE DEAD ZONE announced
posted Wed, 3-Sep-2003
NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (PRNewswire) -- The Dead Zone, the hit series starring Anthony Michael Hall (61*, The Pirates of Silicon Valley, Sixteen Candles), has been picked up for a third season, as announced by Jeff Wachtel, executive vice president, series and longform programming, USA Network. The series is set to resume production this Fall.

"The Dead Zone is one of the top-rated shows on basic cable and we're confident that it will continue its strong performance in its third season," said Wachtel. "Lions Gate and Paramount have consistently delivered a top- quality show that we're all extremely proud of."

The Dead Zone premiere remains the highest-rated and most-watched original dramatic series debut in the history of basic cable.