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posted Fri, 11-Aug-2006
From the 11-AUG-06 article "Christmas in July" by Janessa Cloward, Deseret Morning News: The actors and actresses working on the feature film "Together Again for the First Time" spent most of their days in July on this north Provo set just "waiting around," said actor Blake Bashoff. Creating a scene that lasts just moments onscreen takes hours on the set. Veteran character actor David Ogden Stiers said that getting everything to come together just right can be "bloody murder." "You have to wait for the planes to stop flying overhead, the neighbors to stop blasting the stereo, the fly to get out of the room and the reward is to check the gate," Stiers said. (For those who don't speak movie-talk, "check the gate" means make sure that no fuzz or hair or lint of any kind is in the camera lens. If there is, the scene has to be reshot.) "As Orson Welles once put it, 'I act for free; they pay me to wait,' " Stiers said. "That just comes with the job." ... view complete article at