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Official DEAD ZONE web site gets a facelift
posted Sat, 9-Jul-2005 has been re-designed and with it, the official DEAD ZONE web site. If you check closely, you may see a few new things here and there. :-) NOTE: If you have any bookmarks/favorites/links that go to pages within the official site, you may need to update them.

DOS answers 5 questions about Purdy on USA Network's DZ site
posted Mon, 4-Jul-2005
From - DOS discusses what's coming up for Purdy, how he approaches his character's complexities, how his own beliefs are similar and dissimilar from Purdy's, why Purdy wears a pinky ring, and why he is referred to in the credits as a "special guest star." Click here to view a video (Flash player required) of DOS answering the five questions submitted by fans (via the email DOS form on