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Disney's LEROY & STITCH released on DVD
posted Tue, 27-Jun-2006
"The adventure never stops as Lilo and Stitch face the challenge of their lives in Disney's hilarious, all-new movie LEROY & STITCH. As a reward for rounding up all 625 experiments, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba [voiced by David Ogden Stiers], and Pleakley have been placed around the galaxy in a spot where each of them thinks they truly belong. Their lives are all shook up when the dastardly Dr. Hamsterviel breaks out of prison and forces Jumba to create a new experiment -- Leroy, the evil twin of Stitch." Available at

DOS in new comedy film and scifi tv episode
posted Wed, 7-Jun-2006
David Ogden Stiers has been cast as Asuran leader "Oberoth" in the STARGATE ATLANTIS season three episode "Progeny." It is set to air on Friday, 11-AUG-2006 on the SCI FI Channel. View complete announcement at and also check out the photos and other info about that episode.

DOS also begins filming a new Christmas comedy this month called TOGETHER AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME. He plays the role of "Max" and Patty Duke Julia Duffy plays his wife "Audrey." The film is based on a play by Reed McColm and was co-written, directed, and produced by Jeff Parkin. Looks like there may be plans for this film to be released at Christmas. Wouldn't that be a nice little present for us DOS fans? :-) See more info at

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