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posted Mon, 22-May-2006
I've been adding a few new things over the last month and I'm not going to make you hunt for them this time ... well, maybe a little bit. ;-) Ever wondered if one of DOS' credits is really worth watching or not? Then visit the Rate-n-Review page in the For the Fans section to read other fans' reviews and ratings of the films, tv shows, mini-series, etc. that David Ogden Stiers has been in and rate-n-review some yourself! This feature is brand spanking new so y'all will need to add some reviews before fellow fans can read them. A new wallpaper (in six different colors, two different sizes each) was added about four weeks ago to the Graphics page, also in the For the Fans section. I got screen cap happy a couple weeks ago and added three slideshows and a few other individual pics to the Photos page in the Multimedia section. This is where I'm going to make you hunt to figure out what's new there! ADDED 30-MAY-2006: Yet another new feature ... make a calendar each month!