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Title Description From 56K Highspeed Date
Prologue Narrated beginning of the Disney film, Beauty & The Beast Listen (R)    
Dr. Brock A bit of the song "Dr. Brock" from the 2000 cast recording of Tenderloin Listen (R)   2000
A Man in Full An 8-min passage from Tom Wolfe's A Man In Full Random House Listen (R)   NOV-1998


Title Description Web Site 56K Highspeed Date
5 Questions For...
(Clip 1)
DOS discusses what's coming up for Purdy, how he approaches his character's complexities, how his own beliefs are similar and dissimilar from Purdy's, why Purdy wears a pinky ring, and why he is referred to in the credits as a "special guest star." usanetwork   View (F) JUN-2005
5 Questions For...
(Clip 2)
DOS discusses where he went to high school, being called "Dave," the scar on his chin, not having an official website, his proudest accomplishment in life, and being a series regular vs. doing movies. usanetwork   View (F) JUL-2005
Poltergeist: The Legacy Best scene from the episode "Twelfth Cave." DOS plays "Randolph Hitchcock", a man seeking revenge for his fiancee's death (20 years prior) LegacyWeb View (R)   1996




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