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From Major to General - DOS in "White Christmas" Nov 2005
4 Video interviews with David Ogden Stiers quotes/ transcripts can be found on the bio, quotes and Purdy Portal pages. Jun 2005
Jul 2005
(Buy Magazine) The Dead Zone: Villain or ally? DOS simply isn’t sure about the motivations of the slippery Reverend Purdy – and that’s the way he likes it, as it keeps the audience guessing... July 2003
3-part Interview with David Ogden Stiers - exclusive! Oct 2002
David Ogden Stiers: Talking to God Sep 2002
Dead Zone First Season Finale - interview with Hall & Stiers Sep 2002
10 Questions: David Ogden Stiers - find out his favorite music, book and more. Jul 2002
Interview w/ David Ogden Stiers - SJR speaks with DOS about his new role on The Dead Zone. Jun 2002
Interview with David Ogden Stiers - Ken P.'s 2-page interview w/ DOS regarding his role in The Dead Zone and more! Jun 2002
The Arrow interviews David Ogden Stiers - The Dead Zone Jun 2002
Voice for All Seasons, Characters,  A - David Ogden Stiers has become the "go to" guy when Disney has an animated challenge Jun 2002
The Dead Zone and David Ogden Stiers - Reg's chat with DOS Jun 2002
Leader of the Band - short interview about conducting and the Toronto Philharmonia. Mar 2002
David Ogden Stiers ready to ignite fireworks of the spirit with Pittsburgh Symphony - By Adrian McCoy Apr 2000
Amateur Night at the Big Heart - article about the San Jose Stage Company production directed by DOS Jun 1999
Autumn Canticle - about John W. Lowell's play, directed by DOS Mar 1997
20 questions - interview w/ DOS (re: Autumn Canticle and more) Feb 1997

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