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This portal page is dedicated to David Ogden Stiers' character, Reverend Gene Purdy in USA Network's television series, THE DEAD ZONE.


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Season Six Episodes w/ Rev Purdy

Season Five Episodes w/ Rev Purdy

  • Forbidden Fruit (18-JUN-2006)
    Johnny tries to find a way to stop Miranda and Stillson's wedding from taking place...
  • Articles of Faith (09-JUL-2006) ...someone close to our Rev. Purdy, whose own conservative Christian values in this instance prove as dangerous as any neo-Nazi creed. Dana Bright is also in this episode!
  • The Inside Man (16-JUL-2006)
    Johnny has a chance encounter with a thief about to join in on a violent robbery gone bad...
  • Vortex (06-AUG-2006)
    Johnny's visions of a child's death leads him to a rural farm operated by an charismatic cult leader...
  • Revelations (13-AUG-2006)
    A mysterious woman comes to Cleaves Mills claiming she is Purdy's long lost daughter. Johnny has a vision of this woman bringing harm to Purdy, but Purdy doesn't act on Johnny's premonition. Johnny investigates the woman, only to find Purdy has a buried past.

Season Four Episodes w/ Rev Purdy:

  • Broken Circle (12-JUN-2005)
  • Vanguard (07-AUG-2005)
  • Babble On (14-AUG-2005)
  • Saved (28-AUG-2005)
  • A Very Dead Zone Christmas (04-DEC-2005)

Season Three Episodes w/ Rev Purdy:

  • Finding Rachel Pt. 1 (06-JUN-2004)
  • Finding Rachel Pt. 2 (13-JUN-2004)
  • Collision (20-JUN-2004)
  • Speak Now (01-AUG-2004)
  • Instinct (15-AUG-2004)
  • Tipping Point (22-AUG-2004)

Season Two Episodes w/ Rev Purdy:

  • Valley of the Shadow (05-JAN-2003)
  • Descent (12-JAN-2003)
  • Ascent (19-JAN-2003)
  • The Outsider (01-FEB-2003)
  • Scars (16-FEB-2003)
  • Misbegotten (23-FEB-2003)
  • Cabin Pressure (02-MAR-2003)
  • Playing God (30-MAR-2003)
  • Zion (06-APR-2003)
  • The Storm (06-JUL-2003)
  • Plague (13-JUL-2003)

Season One Episodes w/ Rev Purdy:

  • Wheel of Fortune (16-JUN-2002)
  • What it Seems (23-JUN-2002)
  • Quality of Life (30-JUN-2002)
  • The House (21-JUL-2002)
  • Netherworld (04-AUG-2002)
  • Here There Be Monsters (18-AUG-2002)
  • Dinner with Dana (25-AUG-2002)
  • Destiny (15-SEP-2002)


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