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What would you like to see on this UNOFFICIAL web site? Where did you first "notice" David Ogden Stiers? In a film or tv series? *Please sign the guestbook and leave your comments and musings.

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There are now 246 messages in our guestbook.
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Brigitte Marlt | @
I am a huge admirer of David's electic talent, not only as an actor but also as a conductor and musician. As a music critic, I am writing a review on him and his connection with the Newport Symphony Orchestra. Writing a tribute to him is so important to me.I am looking for people who knew David to share some stories about him for my review. So, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. He is greatly missed, I was devastated when he died. Writing on him now is my personal tribute to a great man
19 June 2020 - Friday - Paris (FRANCE)

Sandy | @
Happy Birthday David! I hope you're well and happy doing what you're doing, whatever it is.
31 October 2017 - Tuesday - Sterling, Virginia

Ginger kipp | @
Thank you for being so sweet and kind.
7 August 2016 - Sunday - Charlotte , NC

Anne | @
Hi, I recently realized how profoundly your work in the show MASH affected me. The way you portrayed Charles essential humanity and response to the fact of the brutality of war was very moving to me. You made it completely believable and I am very grateful for your work. Thank you.
8 July 2016 - Friday - California

lisa | @
Hi David, you are a great actor and loved you on Mash. I still watch it and watching the soldiers go through hardships on th show makes me realize that not to take anything for granted. I had a crush on you for a long time.
27 May 2016 - Friday - USA

Sandy | @
Once again, Happy Birthday and many more!
30 October 2014 - Thursday - Virginia

John Roberts | @
Dear Mr Ogden Stiers - I just wanted to say that I consider you to be a first rate thespian, with real ability and gravitas. I wish you continuing success in your several careers - very close to being a "renaissance man" such are your talents. My best regards to you.
20 October 2014 - Monday - East Sussex, UK

Rashed | @
Hi david,How r u? i read ur biography ,that was nice to read ur story. if u r interested about me just mail me.
30 July 2014 - Wednesday - USA

Blake | @
I've enjoyed your work since the 70's. I was most impressed after your MASH career. I cannot get Doc Hollywood out of my mind. You made the town of Grady "real". How could the Southeast measure up? Thanks for all you have done. Your acting talent (realism) has been a pleasure to experience. Thank you for your works.
14 May 2014 - Wednesday - NorCal (Chico)

John | @
Happy Belated Birthday to a Very Sexy Daddy Bear. Love everything that you do. Hugs
25 November 2013 - Monday - athens, ga

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