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Acting (sorted by date in descending order)

Title & description Date(s)
Floodgate (Play) Geffen Playhouse. Westwood, CA. Benefit reading for the PEN USA Freedom to Write Program. Dec 12, 2005
White Christmas (Musical) Pantages Theatre. Los Angeles CA. DOS as "General Waverly." Nov 22 - Jan 1, 2005
All About Eve (Play) Melting Pot Theatre Company. Manhattan, NY. DOS will play "Lloyd" in this benefit reading of the 1951 "Lux Radio Theatre" adaptation. Nov 7, 2005
Love Letters (Play) - DOS with Patty Duke at the Newport PAC. Fundraiser for the Ernest Bloch Music Festival Orchestra June 7 & 8, 2003
Tenderloin (Musical) 2000 cast 2000
Li'l Abner (Musical) The City Center. additional performance on March 30, 1998 for the Center's 6th annual Gala hosted by Joanne Woodward. Mar 26-29, 1998
The Magic Show (Original Musical) May 28, 1974 - Dec 31, 1978
Ulysses in Nighttown (Original Play) Mar 10 - May 11, 1974
Scapin (Revival Play, Comedy) Dec 28, 1973
Measure for Measure (Original, Play, Comedy) Dec 26, 1973 - Jan 11, 1974
The Beggar's Opera (Revival Musical) Dec 23, 1973 - Jan 11, 1974
Three Sisters (Revival Play, Drama) Dec 19, 1973 - Jan 11, 1974
King Lear (Play) California Shakespeare Festival . DOS played the title role. 1964

Directing (sorted by title)

Title & description Date(s)
Amateur Night at the Big Heart (Play)
San Josť Stage Company
June 1999
Autumn Canticle (Play)
Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia PA
Feb 18 - Mar 9, 1997
Leo Tolstoy Is in the Next Room Dying (Play)
The Stage in San Jose
Oct - Nov 1997

Credits for the credits: Internet Broadway Database,, and the theatres' sites.

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