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Looking for more information on the Internet about the career of this incredible American actor? You are not alone! That's what this webmistress has been doing for years. Starting about 1997, I had been wanting to visit an entire web site that was solely dedicated to David Ogden Stiers and during those years I pondered the idea of doing an UNOFFICIAL site myself. In 2002, I decided to just go for it. I put up a starter page and guestbook on 26-MAY-2002 to see if there were others out there with the same interests and -- gee, no surprise here -- found out DOS has lots of fans! After Celebsite finally let this domain name expire (they had it registered for years but didn't use it), I registered it and put up the site you now see. Welcome to this fansite, everyone!

My goals for are:

  • To provide detailed information about the career of this actor.
  • To provide features that fans want to see (ex. links, news, tv schedules, etc.)
  • To respect and honor the actor and his fans at all times
  • To publish appropriate content

I am a very easy going and understanding person, so please email me if you have any concerns about the site or its content.

I cannot do this site without the input and support from others who appreciate this actor. Please sign the guestbook and express what you would like to see here or contact me if you have something you would like to share on this web site. I try my best to keep everything up to date but sometimes real life (kids, husband, work, etc.) has to take priority so, please be patient.

Ever wonder why DOS doesn't have an official web site? Someone asked him the question "Do you have any plans to create an official web site?" on and he answered in Clip 2 on the 5 QUESTIONS FOR... DAVID OGDEN STIERS page:

"I learned how to email last week; I don’t have any plans to start a web site. I have enough trouble making a schedule down the road and I think spending the time to actually jot down everything I have done and put it on a web site in short form is probably not [going to happen.] I admire the Internet and personal web sites for people who don’t get the format, the forum of a television series or doing movies or animation voices and stuff. I prefer to stay a person in the quiet rather than maintain a public record of what I do. It’s personal; don’t wanna do that, that’s it."


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