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I'm surprised you made it this far! Ok, so here's a little bit of info ...

I'm a Southern-born-and-bred, head-of-the-household, thirty-something-year-old, brown-eyed gal. I'm married to my soulmate (we fell head-over-heals in a bookstore, over history and cooking books!) who is 23 years my senior and we have two wonderful kids together. Although we love all kinds of animals, it's hard to deny we're "cat people." (We've had up to four indoor-only cats at one time!) We currently co-habitate with four cats and one dog but we have had two bunnies and two rats over the last several years. (Another reason why we love cats ... they live a lot longer!) Except for this penchant of mine to make fan sites for a few of my favorite actors, I'm boringly normal and actually quite a shy person in real life. (Yes, really!)

Warning: Despite many enlightening years in honors English classes, I still have a nasty tendency to write run-on sentences and make typos. My apologies to the teachers!

I'm an artist by birth, a graphic designer by degree, and a web designer-developer by profession. I never ever wanted to go into acting (stage fright!) but oddly enough, I spent my first two years in college working feverishly on a BA-Theatre degree. I was bound and determined to put my innate artistic and design capabilities to use in scene design and painting. However, one thing lead to another and I ended up with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art - Graphic Design. I found my niche in 1996 when my Dad suggested I use my computer-aided design skills to create web sites. Proof that sometimes parents CAN give good advice! It was a delight to turn my passion into a profession in 1997 and now, not only do I do web design but also application development.

I'm a Libra that was born in the Chinese year of the Sheep, if that means anything. I have beliefs but Im fairly open-minded. I have a voracious appetite for reading fiction, especially historicals and scifi/fantasy -- and when I can find one book that covers both those genres, I'm in heaven! If you couldn't tell already, I *love* films and television! I have an incredibly long list of favorite actors, actresses, films and television shows that I won't bore you with here. My tastes in music are quite eclectic and I can't go a day without listening to something. (Some of my favs: Moody Blues, Justin Hayward, Crowded House, Neil Finn, Leo Kottke, Pet Shop Boys, Mozart, Erik Satie, Beethoven, Willie Nelson, Ray Charles, Cole Porter, and the list goes on forever.) Music runs in my family and I tried out a few different instruments in my youth. I wound up playing the flute in a symphonic band during junior high school and senior high school. Can't say that I play exceptionally well but I like to. Nowadays, I'm mostly just listening anyway.

Jumping back to theatre... if I had to make the choice between plays or musicals, I'd pick musicals. I've wondered about that too. I think that may partially be due to musicals being more accessible since so many were released on video and I can watch them anytime I want. (I hardly ever get to go OUT to a theatre!) Some of my all-time favorites: The Music Man, Sweeney Todd, and My Fair Lady.

More than you wanted to know, eh? I'll stop here then. :-)


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